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Welcome to
Crested Butte
Botanic Gardens

Cultivating the future with the power of plants

 Crested Butte Botanic Gardens will provide accessible gardens to share plant knowledge, sustainable practices and horticultural innovation.    


Striving to connect people of all ages to plants and the natural world.



Crested Butte Botanic Gardens

A Natural World


Take a step out of your daily life to enjoy some of nature’s most beautiful gifts.

 The botanical garden in Gunnison county Colorado will provide a unique opportunity for people to connect with plants and nature in a high altitude setting. While aiming to inspire people of all ages and abilities to appreciate and care for the natural world.

We will engage community and visitors with educational opportunities, therapeutic horticulture, research and conservation activities, as well as providing gathering spaces for various programs and events.

The gardens will be home to high alpine plant collections,  flowering displays and demonstration gardens. Always utilizing sustainable practices, green infrastructure, water conservation and innovative growing techniques. 

The gardens will adhere to the highest standards across all aspects of the organization and will cultivate programing and activities that fosters sustainability, diversity and inclusivity for visitors and employees alike.

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